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Stop wasting money on gas and hurting the environment. Electric bikes save you from expensive gas prices while helping the planet. And let’s not forget to mention that Ebikes are exploding with many other benefits.

Have you been considering purchasing your own electric bike? If not, you should and here’s why: you’ll enjoy all the benefits that Ebikes have to offer. Ready to learn what those benefits are?

Grab your helmet and lace up your tennis shoes. Here are 10 reasons you need an Ebike!

1. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Every time you ride your Ebike rather than drive your car to a destination, you’re doing the world a huge favor. Automobiles release large amounts of emissions into the environment, and although charging an Ebike’s battery releases its own emissions, it’s nowhere close to what a car puts out. With an Ebike, you’ll be putting much less carbon dioxide (C02) and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

As great as this is, yes, we know what you’re thinking: for many situations; you need your car. We’re here to debunk that myth. Sure, you need your car when transporting your 3 kids in car seats to their doctor’s appointments.

However, in most cases, you might tell yourself you need your car when you don’t. For instance, when planning on doing some shopping and bringing your pup along, attach a bike trailer to the back and your dog with all your shopping bags will fit comfortably in the trailer together. Trust us when we say, “it’s possible and fun!”

2. Faster Travel Times

Riding an electric bike means much faster travel times whether you normally ride a regular bike or drive a car. How? Well, when it comes to its comparison to a regular bike, an electric bike goes much faster because of its motor.

So, how is it faster than a car? Think about the time that you spend in traffic each morning and evening during your workday commute. With an electric bike, you won’t have to worry about sitting in traffic.

You’ll beat the traffic by flying right past all of those cars in a standstill. Now, if you’re someone who relies on public transportation to get around, you will still want to consider an Ebike instead. You won’t be a prisoner to the public transportation schedule and in the long run, you’ll save both time and money using an electric bike rather than a regular bike, a car, or public transportation.

3. Less Sweat on Your Commute

Where riding a normal bike seems unrealistic, the electric bike takes the stage!

Thankfully, Ebikes allow you to pedal as hard or as soft as you’d like. This means you can save yourself the sweat that you’d normally gather while riding a regular bike. On the warmer mornings, take it easy and pedal less than usual.

You’ll arrive at work with barely a sweat and you can always freshen up in the bathroom if desired. After doing some research, you’ll be able to find the perfect bike that saves you on gas money while getting you to work sweat-free. You can even find folding electric bikes, which are perfect for the work-day commute.

Once you arrive at your job, simply fold your Ebike up and store it with ease until you’re ready to leave for a lunch break or for the day!

4. Bike Hills With Ease

If your destination requires you to cross over a hill or two, then don’t sweat it! An electric bike makes crossing over hills much easier than with a regular bike. Depending on the Ebike you own, you might still have to put some pedaling effort into your climb, but it’ll be significantly less effort than you’d have to put into climbing with a normal bike.

If you own an Ebike that has a lot of power, a hill climb might even require no effort at all. This is definitely something to consider if you live in an area where hills are common.

5. Avoid Parking Trouble

If you work in downtown or live in downtown, then you know just how expensive parking a car can become. However, downtown isn’t the only area in town where paying to park is a necessity. Think about when you attend events or take a ride to the beach or park.

It seems like someone is always wanting your money for you to park your car. Luckily, with an electric bike, you don’t have to worry about fighting for a parking space or paying for parking. And with the popularity of Ebikes and normal bikes on the rise, more and more places are creating bikes racks for easy and free bike parking!

6. Engage in Exercise

Sure, you might think that electric bikes take the exercise out of bike riding, but that’s simply not true. As stated before, when riding an Ebike, you can choose to pedal as hard and as soft as you’d like. This means taking it easy when commuting to work and putting in a full-force effort when wanting to get in a good workout.

Electric bikes offer more convenience to the rider, which means an Ebike owner will be more inclined to ride their Ebike than they would their regular bike. For example, when needing to grab a gallon of milk from the store across the hill, you might not feel as tempted to ride your normal bike as you would your Ebike.

With that being said, having an Ebike means more opportunities to hop on the bike and go for a spin. It’ll make the commute easier for you, but you can still get some work in when wanted.

Invest in Your Own Electric Bike and Have Fun!

Now that you know how amazing Ebikes are, it’s time to invest in your own electric bike! Not only do Ebikes help the environment, and save you on time, money, and hassles, but they’re also a whole lot of fun. You won’t regret the decision to purchase one.

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