making your own citric acid cleaner

Are you looking for an effective solution to clean your bathroom? Or perhaps you’re searching for a product that will bring back the shine in your kitchen? 

There are several cleaning products in the market, though some fail in terms of performance. Some are too expensive for the average home while others are not environment-friendly.

Thankfully, there are cleaning solutions you can DIY at home. One of which is the citric acid cleaner. Citric acid is a compound that comes from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. It is a safe and natural disinfectant.

It can kill fungi, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It also helps remove tough stains and rust.

So how do you make a citric acid cleaning solution? Continue reading below to find out how.

1. Gather the Ingredients

There are a few things you need to create the base for your citric acid cleaner. First, you need to get a bag of citric acid in crystalline powder form. You can find this in most grocery stores.

If you can’t find any, head on to those Kosher markets or Middle Eastern stores. You can also try specialty cooking stores and health shops.

At least a pound worth of citric acid powder will do. 

You also need to get some distilled water. This type of drinking water goes through the process of boiling and condensation. This process takes away most of the minerals and impurities. 

2. Pick Non-Metallic Container for Storage

Now find a non-metallic container that you will use later on for the mixing process. If you cannot find a non-metallic container, go for a non-reactive metal one. 

Make sure that you clean the container thoroughly. You want to avoid any contaminants or fungus growing near your solution.

3. Get the Amounts and Measurements Right

For a potent citric acid cleaner, you need to get your measurements right. The level of citric acid concentrations directly affects the efficacy, cost, and shelf life of your solution.

If you want something that will last a long time, go for a mixture with higher concentration. The ratio is 1lb or 454 grams of citric acid powder to 1 pint or 470ml of water.

If you want something easier on the budget, go for a solution of 1lb of citric acid to 2 pints of distilled water. 

When measuring the citric acid, transfer the powder in a non-metallic pot. Set aside in preparation for the boiling. Now transfer the distilled water into another non-metallic pot for boiling. 

4. Boil and Pour

Now boil the water in the pot. You may also use a microwave-safe container if you wish. 

Make sure you are wearing the proper attire. When checking the water, make sure you are wearing an oven mitt. Give the container a gentle nudge to keep it from boiling over.

Once the water starts to boil, pour it over the citric acid powder. Use a non-metallic spoon and stir the mixture consistently. You want your powder to evenly dissolve.

5. Store It Right

To prepare the solution for storage, you must first filter the solution. Take a piece of cheesecloth or filter paper and strain the solution. Make sure the pot you are transferring the solution to is non-metallic. 

Straining the solution will separate any solids that did not dissolve during the mixing process. 

Let the solution cool down in room temperature. Don’t cover the pot.

After cooling down, transfer the solution in another non-metallic container. Make sure the container is air-tight. Go for a container with a tight-fitting lid. 

To ensure there is no spillage, use a funnel to pour the solution.

Now store the solution inside a closet or cupboard. You want to keep it in a cool and dark place. In some cases, the solution can last up to two years, depending on the integrity of the storage.

Using the Citric Acid Cleaner

As we mentioned earlier, there are many uses for your citric acid cleaning solution. Now let’s take a look at some of them:

Your Toilet

Take your solution and pour some over your toilet. Make sure you cover all areas, especially the back and underside. Let the solution sit overnight.

The next morning, scrub the toilet the way you normally would. Flush it thereafter and let the water wash the solution away.

Your Shower

As for your shower, simply spray the solution with emphasis on the dirty surfaces. To take out those tough stains, soak a piece of cloth on the solution. Press the cloth against the surface and scrub.

Rinse the entire surface and let the shower dry.

Your Kitchen

You can tweak your solution a bit when cleaning the kitchen. Mix one part citric acid and one part vinegar and use the solution to clean your plates and kitchenware. 

You can also spray the solution over your countertops. It can also work on your dishwashers and espresso machine.

Your Kettle

Are you having a tough time cleaning your kettle? Your citric acid cleaner is likely the answer. Fill up your kettle on the halfway mark with water.

 Boil the water then add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the citric acid powder. Let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

Throw the water and let the kettle cool down.

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Embrace “Greener” Alternatives

Not only is your homemade citric acid cleaner a more affordable alternative, but it is also a safer and greener one. Considering the problems hounding the environment, embracing greener alternatives is paramount.

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