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  • Torsion Technologies Are Technologies of The XXIst Century, A.E.Akimov, Russia
  • Antigravitational Platform And Experiments With The Effect of Multi-Cavity Structures, Review
  • Potapov’s Vortex Heat Generator, Yu.S.Potapov
  • Fuelless Air Combustion, Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • Free Energy Generator Based on Mechanically Changed Capacitance, Zoltan Losonc, Hungary
  • Society for Development of Free Energy Technologies (GFE, Germany)
  • “Confined B-field” Homopolar Dynamotor, Jorge Guala-Valverde and Pedro Mazzoni, Argentina
  • Analysis of Measurement of The Electric Energy, Consumed By A Hydroelectric Heat Generator, F.M. Kanarev, Russia
  • Conversion of Environmental Energy, B.M.Kondrashov, Russia
  • The World of Free Energy, Peter Lindemann, USA
  • LUTEC (Free Energy Generator), Australia
  • Pulsed Direct Current for Light Circuits, Gary Magratten, USA
  • Patent Applications on Thermo-Gravitation, Russia
  • Electrogravitational Engine, Russian patent
  • “BREEZE 5000” Wind Energy Installation, T.A Pungas, Russia
  • Silicon-Based Power Engineering, review
  • A Method of Extraction (Restitution) of Energy, V.F Markelov, Russia
  • Asymmetric Capacitors, Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • Force on An Asymmetric Capacitor, Thomas B. Bahder, Chris Fazi, USA
  • Working Principle of Frolov’s T-Capacitor, Zoltan Losonc, Hungary
  • Precession Free Energy Generator, V.I. Bogomolov, Russia
  • On The Way To A New Astronautics, A.V. Perfiliev, Russia
  • Energy Converter, Review
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