• News from our company
  • Novogilov’s motor, Y. Novogilov, Russia
  • Self-action in the case of magnetic rotation, S. Gerasimov and others, Russia
  • Capillary motor, I. Olshansky, Russia
  • Gravity-heat energy system, V. Sukhanov, Russia
  • Modern perpetual mobile, Review
  • Free energy and antigravitation, (spin wave lasers), Ines Espinosa, USA
  • Mechanical analogies, Y. Ivanko, Ukraina
  • Cell of fine-plasma electrolyses, Ph. Kanarev, Russia
  • Smith Generator, Review.
  • Strategy of Over-unity Devices Marketing, R. Wood, USA
  • Hutchison effect, Mark Solis, USA
  • Heat energy conversion by means of non-linear dielectric, A Ries and others, Brasil
  • Gates motor, A. Akau, USA
  • “Cold electricity”, A.Akau, USA
  • Gravity conversion rotary device
  • Torsion technologies, China
  • News
  • Antigravitation, B.Smith, USA
  • Electric levitation, MacLeod, Canada
  • Perpetual mobile, V. Likhatchev, Russia
  • Interference Generator, A.Francouer, Canada
  • New Paradigma of Time, D. Reed, USA
  • On the rotating permanent magnet system, A.Frolov, Russia
  • Inventor’s week, USA
  • Patents on inertial drive topic
  • Bogomolov’s experiment with spring drive, Russia
  • History of perpetual mobile
  • Tesla
  • Perendev company, Review
  • Internet pages
  • Matveev’s electrical generator, Russia
  • News
  • The most interesting of 2003
  • Hydrogen power engineering, Review
  • News
  • Electric discharge as part of the over-unity device, Review
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