posted by Bruce A. Perreault on April 15th, 2004

According to the law of conservation, when we give to a material body a determined quantity of energy, this energy might be transformed, but the body will never give back a quantity in excess of what it received. This principle is considered too self-evident to be disputed. It makes sense that matter can only give up energy that is given to it and is unable to create excess energy. Without violating this law, it will be demonstrated that matter can be excited into giving up its stored intra-atomic energy.

According to Gustave Le Bon and T. H. Moray matter is cosmic energy in a condensed state. What this means to us is that matter can be made to rapidly disintegrate, transforming itself into useful energy. This idea was unthinkable before radioisotopes were discovered. Wherefore, condensed matter can become uncondensed if its oscillations become violent enough and henceforth transforming itself into radiant energy. No laws have been violated. They have been expanded.

With the advent of electronically triggered beta decay, a highly controlled and safe reaction can be realized and maintained. The process is relatively simple. The selected radioisotopic fuel is placed in a magnetic field causing its nuclei to go into Precession. It is then subjected to a radio-frequency that is tuned to its Larmor Frequency. This radio-frequency causes its radioactive nuclei to flip. When the radio-frequency is halted the radioactive nuclei relaxes and releases energy in the form of heat, electromagnetic and/or beta particle emission. A structure can be provided to capture the beta particles to directly convert them into useful electrical current. These naturally occurring beta decay species; 40K (potassium-40), 50V (vanadium-50), 87Rb (rubidium-87), 113Cd (cadmium-113), and 115In (indium-115) can be artificially stimulated into giving up their stored intra-atomic energy. All other isotopes are irrelevant because of their low abundance or energy decay rate. The most practical isotope listed appears to be In115 because of its abundance and its present cost. Any of these beta particle emitters are potential fuel sources. They are very old energy reserves. Their matrixes are unbalanced. The correct Larmor Frequency will cause these isotopes to seek their original balanced state with the release of enormous amounts of energy. This method of accelerating nuclear decay can also be used to neutralize nuclear waste. The triggered decay activity of the radioisotopes can be turned on and off at will. There is no possibility of a runaway reaction. Neither, is there any induced or residual radioactivity. The fuel reverts back to its near-zero decay rate within a short period of time.

The table given in British Patent EP0099946 indicates that the planet’s beta decay resources are far greater than the world supply of petroleum. This patent states that the energy of 48Ca is twenty thousand times larger, 40K and 87Rb are also impressively larger in energy magnitude than fossil fuels. The patent further states that beta decay resources are half of fusion energy resources and three hundred times greater than fission fuel resources.

A Nu Science is on the horizon. It involves the means of transforming matter into energy. This science recognizes a few isotopes of matter that can be transformed into energy. It confirms Le Bon’s theory that with a very small quantity of energy we can obtain a very large quantity of energy. Clearly, we do not create the liberated energy, since it already exists in the chosen isotope. Think of the process as a type of energy detonator that liberates great quantities of energy with only a minute amount of resonant electromagnetic energy, with no laws of physics being violated.