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According to one survey, about 34% of Americans recycle some of their waste.

You may end up recycling your old water bottles and cardboard, but did you know that you can also recycle parts of your old car?

If you have any old car parts that you want to recycle, there are many ways to recycle and reuse those old parts. Read to find out how!

1. Car Fluids

Car fluids, like gasoline, engine oil, power steering, and coolant are all liquids from your car that you can recycle.

They are all easy to check and replace, but you can also recycle them when they’re done. In fact, these should be recycled because they can be harmful to the environment. They are also flammable, so you have to make sure you dispose of them properly.

If you have old fluids you want to recycle, you can take them to a car part store or a dealership. They will recycle them and make sure that they are handled properly.

If there isn’t a car dealership nearby, you can also take it to a hazardous waste facility.

2. Tires

When your wheels aren’t usable anymore, you can also salvage these as well.

You can recycle your tires and make swings out of them or use them for other DIY crafts, like planters or targets. You can also use them for working out.

You can also take them to a recycling facility. There, they will be broken down and turned into different products. The rubber from the tire can be made to make smaller wheels or even rubber bounds.

Sometimes the tires can even be ground and made into a bouncy ground for a playground.

3. Plastic Car Parts

Cars are made up of a lot of plastic, so if you’re getting rid of one, you can also recycle some of the plastic.

The plastic parts need to be separated from the car through shredding. Sometimes you even need to remove the plastic beforehand.

Parts of the car like your dashboard, gas tanks, bumpers, and even your lights contain plastic that can be recycled. The facility will melt the plastic down and turn it into new products that can be used.

If you think the parts can be reused, you can also find someone to buy it.

4. Batteries

Car batteries die a lot as well, and you can also recycle these.

There are harmful toxins in the battery, so you need to make sure it is recycled properly. In most states of the U.S., there is a buy-back option for old batteries to make sure they are disposed of properly.

5. Glass

The glass that comes from your windshield and car windows normally end up in a landfill, but you can actually recycle them.

However, you need to find a special facility that is equipped to handle the recycling of the glass.

They can normally make other products from this glass, including countertops, jewelry, and even tile.

Recycle Your Old Car Parts Today!

These are just a few of the ways you can recycle your old car parts.

Recycling is important, and more than 34% of Americans should start doing it.

To learn more about recycling and saving the environment, make sure you check out some of our other blog posts!