eco-friendly paints

Tax return season is just around the corner, so you’re likely making a list of all the projects you finally might be able to fund. Have you considered repainting your kitchen cabinets?

While we may not think about it, kitchen cabinets take a beating. They’re opened and closed constantly. They might get ran into by pets and children (or even adults). And they might receive damage from toys, condensation, or other things.

If it’s been a while since you painted your cabinets, it might be time to repaint. Here’s a list of eight eco-friendly paints you can use if you’re ready for something new.

1. Farrow & Ball

Though Farrow & Ball used to make paint that wouldn’t be considered eco-friendly, their products are far less harmful now. They offer paints that are low in VOCs. Some are even zero-VOC.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice when it comes to color choices. They still provide high-quality color through the use of natural pigments.

Worried about ammonia? You won’t find it in Farrow & Ball paint. What you will find are ingredients like linseed oil and china clay.

This paint brand is on the pricier side, but it’s much better for your health and the planet. You have 132 colors to choose from, so check them out!

2. The Real Milk Paint Co.

This option provides paint that’s healthy for you and your family, as well as something that’s unique. Unlike many eco-friendly paints that are made from earthen materials, this company uses milk protein.

While you might think that milk is something that belongs in the fridge or on your cereal, it really can be used in paint for your kitchen. The milk protein allows for paint that isn’t based in ware or oil.

Though this paint is fundamentally different, it doesn’t look that way. You’ll still find plenty of colors to choose from. You may have to mix the paint yourself though since you can buy it in powder form.

3. Earth Pigments

The name alone of this paint brand should give you an idea of what their standards are. The pigments used to create their beautiful colors come from plants. This means your paint really does come right from the earth.

Like with Real Milk paint, you’ll need to mix the paint on your own. This process isn’t hard, though. And you may just enjoy making your own paint.

True to their name, you’ll find several colors that remind you of where the paint itself came from. These include Cyprus green and ocher.

4. Behr

Here’s a paint brand you’ve likely heard of. And, to make things convenient, it’s readily available. So you’ll likely be able to stop by your local Wal-Mart and find some.

Besides being eco-friendly, Behr offers a few different options when you go with their Premium Plus line. These paints come as paint and primer together, so you won’t have to worry about buying two things. The two-in-one option also means your application time will go down.

To make this option even better, Behr paint is highly affordable. So you won’t have to break the bank to keep your home and the environment safe from unwanted chemicals.

5. Mythic

The paint you can get from Mythic offers a great non-toxic option for your home. It’ll look great in your kitchen or wherever else you want to apply it.

Don’t want to apply the paint yourself? Check out Premier Cabinet Painting & Refinishing.

Though this paint doesn’t include the harmful parts that come in many other types, you still get a really high-quality product. This paint originates in Germany, but you can get it from distributors in the United States.

6. Eco

Eco paint is produced by Fine Paints of Europe. Despite the name, this company is actually based in the United States. They just create their paint elsewhere.

While on the pricier side, Eco paint is perfect for painting cabinets. It’s designed for covering exterior surfaces and woodwork that’s inside your home.

However you apply it, you’ll love this paint. It’ll look great and you won’t have to worry about what you’re breathing in.

7. Sherwin-Williams

Here’s another brand you should be familiar with. Sherwin-Williams produces a zero-VOC line by the name of Harmony.

There’s something special about this paint, though. It doesn’t just eliminate fumes from the paint in your home. Harmony paint actually includes specialized technology that will help other items in your home emit fewer toxins.

So if you’re looking to cut back on harmful things in your home, this paint is a fantastic option.

8. Bioshield

Bioshield presents a great line of products and their prices are a lot better than many others. Though your out-of-pocket amounts will be lower, you still get paint that has no solvents or VOCs.

This paint can be used on the outside or inside of your home. Or you can use it to finish walls or stain woods.

They have many beautiful colors to choose from. It’s always worth a look to see what they have available.

Eco-Friendly Paint is Best

There’s no doubt about it, repainting your kitchen cabinets or any other part of your home can be pricey. That means you’ll likely look for the best deal. The cheapest price could mean you’re buying something harmful, though.

It’s always worth it to go with eco-friendly paint. So use this list the next time you’re ready to start a project. You’ll love how the colors turn out, and your family and the environment will benefit, too.

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