Inventors: Josef Papp, Josef Papp
Current U.S. Classification: 89/7; 376/149; 376/156; 376/914

Patent number: 3680431
Filing date: Nov 1, 1968
Issue date: 1972


A method of generating explosive forces involving the triggering and utilization of potential energy of atoms and various forms of radiation and emanation; the proration of environmental means in which the radiation can be initiated by electrical means. The utilization of elements of relatively low atomic number, such as the noble gases, chlorine and other elements and their isotopes whose atoms do not have their outer quantum levels completely satisfied with orbital electrons, in the production of explosive reactions in which fission, spallstion, transfer reactions and cascades effects appear to be utilized. The utilization of elements having the property of emitting electrons, alpha gamma and beta radiations. X-ray and ultraviolet emanations for the purpose of triggering the reactions.






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