As technology continues to advance, the world is becoming more and more solar-friendly. Since there are a ton of advantages to solar technology, this is exciting news.

Though 2020 has been a hard year, there have been huge breakthroughs for solar technology. And most of it you’ve probably never heard of!

To help you learn more, here are some of the biggest achievements this year for new solar technology. 

Floating Solar Farms 

Floating solar farms, also known as floatovoltaics, are emerging as silicon panels become cheaper. Floating solar farms are photovoltaic solar power systems that “float” on dams and reservoirs. 

This new solar technology has proven to be quite effective. Floating solar farms offer 10 percent greater power production and generate large amounts of energy without using any valuable real estate

Because of its success, floating solar farms are likely to increase in popularity. 

BIPV Solar Technology 

BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) solar technology blends into building architecture. This includes roofs, canopies, and skylight systems. The appeal of BIPV solar is that it’s more natural-looking than regular solar panels. 

They also can help homeowners save on electric power and building material costs. BIPV solar technology also has high thermal and sound insulation. Because it provides no carbon footprint, this is as green as it gets.

Solar Skins 

Solar skins are a creative new solar panel technology. They allow homeowners to create custom designs for their solar panel systems. As the sunlight hits the solar skins, a custom image is displayed while simultaneously providing the home with energy. 

This is a cool way to camouflage your solar panels to match the roof of your home. 

Solar Fabric

Another cool breakthrough for new solar technology in 2020 is solar fabric. Solar fabric embeds solar into each fiber of fabric for “solar” clothing. This includes t-shirts, winter coats, scarves, and anything else you use to keep you warm. 

To date, researchers have attempted to use solar fabric in curtains that can eliminate power consumption from the grid. Solar fabric around the house can help you save on installation costs and the cost of mounting solar panels. 

Currently, researchers are working to create more solar fabric technologies for the military. 

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Now You Know New Solar Technology You Can Be Excited About

This all the new solar technology breakthroughs to look for in the upcoming years. These technologies will be beneficial to the planet, reduce energy costs, and improve efficiency. 

Plus, as technology continues to get better, the solar industry will continue to grow and become the more popular choice for consumers. As many have already predicted, solar energy is the future.

And the future looks bright! 

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