These days, we hear the label ‘business analyst’ in almost every corporate setting imaginable. It seems like everyone needs a business analyst, but what do they actually do in practice?

If you are wondering whether to hire a business analyst to help you with data-driven decisions, you’ll have to know what they can offer you. This article will go through the specific job description of a business analyst.

What Is a Business Analyst? 

The title of ‘business analyst’ goes along with various tasks and has become generalized over time. Usually, however, a business analyst will evaluate a company’s organization to identify weak spots and suggest improvements. This can be in the area of finances, marketing, management, and more. 

When you want to hire a business analyst, this can be because you think your company has room to grow. Maybe it is experiencing high labor turnovers, or maybe you haven’t been able to reach your sales target. Business analyst can do their own research and allow you to make data-driven decisions that will ensure success in your company. 

The average salary for a business analyst is around $74,000 a year

Qualities of a Business Analyst

You can know a good business analyst if they have certain qualities. They would have good listening skills and be able to communicate well with you and your employees.

Analysts often ask a business owner questions about the company to know it well before diving into the research. This will enable them to understand the owner’s insight and be able to find out issues that are specific to the company. 

Analysts should also be good at multitasking and prioritizing. They will often have to work with multiple clients simultaneously, so dividing time well between the different projects will be key in delivering good work. 

A business analyst, lastly, should have an eye for detail. They will have to comb through your business structure and perhaps financial strategies or records to make an evidence-based recommendation. As a result, they will have to pay attention to the small things.

How a Business Analyst Can Help You

The whole role of a business analyst is to assist companies in reaching their maximum potential. These are the different areas that an analyst can help you flourish in.

Product Development

You may be itching to launch a new product in the market. Before you do so, though, there are plenty of factors you have to consider. A business analyst can support the process by analyzing the market and seeing whether a product like yours can actually sell.

They will evaluate your current competitors and observe if there are similar items already out there, and they will research your customer base to see if they would be interested. 

If you want to find a way to develop products that sell really well, you’d need the help of a business analyst.

Customer Satisfaction

If the key business question you’re asking right now is ‘how do I keep my customers happy,’ you may benefit from the help of a business analyst! They will have the necessary expertise within your industry to understand what customers are looking for. Beyond that, they will survey your existing strategies and see where you can improve your marketing or customer service. 

Where necessary, they can also suggest market research and social listening strategies improve your clients’ satisfaction.

Environmental Awareness

Climate change is a big deal these days, and many customers want to see appropriate action by companies. This can mean that more people would want you to have environmentally friendly business practices before purchasing from you.

If your business is currently running on less sustainable operational systems, you may need the help of an analyst to see how you can improve. This is also beneficial to prevent more scrutiny from the authorities over business practices that may not support environmental conservation. 

Analysts can ensure that you incorporate the right strategies to showcase your corporate social responsibility. This can include finding methods to ban animal testing from your products or ensuring that your business operations are carbon-neutral.

Company Growth

Maybe your company is in a transitional period. You are looking for ways to grow and maybe considering a merger & acquisition deal or franchising. Whatever it is, a business analyst can help you make a decision based on your company’s capabilities!

There are pros and cons to different business growth methods, so having an analyst who knows the facts and can understand what is most suited to your business will help you succeed. They can also undergo the necessary due diligence to ensure you don’t get into deals without knowing the risks to your own company.

Business Intelligence

One of the best ways to reach your customers is to know what they’re looking for. This is where business intelligence comes in. If you have the necessary insights into your customers, you’ll know what they want from companies like yours.

This way, you can tailor your products or marketing strategies to address their needs. An analyst can go through your existing data and pinpoint customer trends that will be helpful to your company.

Why Hire a Business Analyst

If you want to see your business grow or succeed, the chances are that you need to hire a business analyst! They can evaluate your current decisions and operational structures to make evidence-based recommendations for your success. Another benefit is that they are highly skilled in various areas, so you can request their insight for just about any problem you may have.

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