green marketing

Even a decade ago, half of companies were committed to some kind of green marketing in their products and services. Now that the market has grown profoundly nearly every company wants to get their piece of this competitive market. If you’re not marketing your products and services to people who want to get green, then you need to start focusing on it.

Here are four ways that you can market a green business in an eco-friendly way.

1. Don’t Be Shy

If you want to attract a serious audience to ensure that people know you’re serious about your green goals, then you need to make them public knowledge. Use your online presence to let people know what you do and what you’re about. When you aren’t forward about what you’re doing in the world of eco-business, people aren’t going to know if you have what they need.

Start a blog to let people know about your commitment to eco-friendly business. Tell them about the ways that you’re focused on forward-thinking solutions in the industry. Let them know that you’re trying new things and committed to new ideas that are at the cutting edge.

When people use search engines, they’re often looking for either a specific product or the answer to a question. With your blog, you get the chance to address both audiences by offering answers to their most frequent questions where your products are the solution they’re seeking.

Once you have your blog populated with information, use social media to get the word out. Social media is your best weapon when it comes to letting people know what you have. By having a lot of blog posts in your quiver, when something related to a past article or post is trending, you can post that to draw a new audience.

2. Give Out Some Promo Products

If you want to really promote your brand, you should have some promotional products to give away to your potential customers and clients. However, in the world of green marketing, you need your products to resonate in a special way. Therefore, you need to give away products that are reusable and really hit your ethics home.

Eco-friendly swag is going to attract people to your table at the next trade show you’re at. You’ll find people clamoring for more of the cool stuff that helps them eliminate the need for single-use products. Less trash is better for your business and ensures that you get the chance to share your message with a wide group of people.

Even if you’re giving away products to people who aren’t going to become your customers, if they start carrying them around, that’s good for your brand. The more you can share your brand name with people, the more they’re going to be committed to you.

Customers carrying well-made branded gear are going to be sharing your message for years to come. When other people see that you put your name on sturdy reusable water bottles, they’ll relate those bottles to your brand. It’s a win-win.

3. Create Some Eco-Partnerships

The field of eco-business is booming right now but most of the companies in the industry are fairly small. They’re fighting it out with much bigger brands just like you. Even if those big brands aren’t committed to the fight for eco-justice, but can afford to appease that market, you’ve got to arm yourself.

If you want to ensure that you’re able to last a few rounds, team up with a few other organizations who you could work with. When you meet other companies at trade shows or events, talk about your shared goals. If it’s clear that you have a lot in common, then you should work with them to see what you can do together.

For companies in the health and wellness industry, the pairings usually make a lot of sense. If you’re selling a natural kombucha and another brand is selling fitness clothes, then you should work at cross-promoting. There’s no end to the number of ways that companies can team up with one another to get the most out of their branding.

If you’re in a larger and more technical industry, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of branded opportunities. If you talk to the companies who are working in these industries, you might find that your goals are strongly aligned with one another.

4. Get the Word Out

IF you want to ensure that people know about the certifications you’ve gotten and how you’ve changed the market, get the word out on all of your products. Labeling your items with the information they need to have to ensure that people know what’s inside of them has two purposes. You get to show off your achievements in the industry and tell them why they’ve made a good decision.

If you’ve reached a recent milestone or achieved a long-awaited certification, then you might need to label your products retroactively. With 4×4 stickers, you’ll be able to keep with the design that you’ve worked hard for while also adding something that tells people what’s happened. 

People invest in your products because of the efforts that you make in making life better and saving the planet. There’s no reason for you to be shy about this. Put the word out on your materials in order to let everyone know just how committed you are to achieving the endorsements you’ve worked for.

Green Marketing is Becoming Mainstream

As an increasing number of businesses are making green marketing an important part of their products and services, it’s now clear that it’s the only way forward. If you want to ensure that you’re competing with the needs of your customers, then you need to make it center stage.

If you want to go green at every level of your business, check out our guide for putting a plan into action.