Radiant Energy

Tesla inventions: Nikola Tesla revolutionary free energy device

Nikola Tesla: Pioneer of Green Energy At the turn of the last century, a prolific inventor registered patents for a revolutionary energy device designed to convert natural cosmic energy into electricity. Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia in 1956 and

Solid State K-Capture Generator

by Bruce A. Perreault The Solid State K-capture Generator is a computer controlled system that utilizes the “K-Capture” principle to create electrical energy. K-capture has been known to give off tremendous amounts of energy but no one had discovered a

The Dissociation of Water by Radiant Energy

Originally compiled by Bruce A. Perreault – August 20th, 1997 First revision, February 9th, 1998 – Second revision, March 31rst, 1999 Of all the radiation-chemical reactions that have been studied in aqueous solution, the most important is the decomposition of

The Conversion of “Radiant Energy” to Electrical Energy is NOT Complex

This Universe By Bruce A. Perreault First of all, to understand how we can convert radiant energy into electrical power we must understand that it was a term often used in the early days of nuclear science to describe the

Third Generation Radiant Energy Tube

Third Generation Prototype

The Moray valve

T. H. Moray Radiant Energy Tube Though it has received more attention in the press recently, the search for a free, renewable energy source is not a new endeavor. Dr T. Henry Moray pioneered this research all the way back

Method of utilizing ozone to generate electrical energy

Inventor: Bruce A. Perreault References Cited: U.S. PATENT DOCUMENT Number Name Date US5,932,367 Collien et al………….Aug. 3, 1999 Other References Photo Actinia Oxygen Therapy Electric Reaction by T.H. Moray (1959) Direct Conversion of Energy (1964), by William R. Corliss pp.

Radiant Energy

For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom Compiled for the Layman from Excerpts of the Writings of DR. T. HENRY MORAY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH The Words

Solar radiant energy and the Electrinium battery

Solar/Cosmic Radiant Energy and the Electrinium Battery The solid state, high voltage battery that is electric, like the magnet is magnetic. By Arthur P. Summera ; 850 North 28th Street ; Springfield, Oregon 97477 ; Copyright © 1980 ; First

Obtaining energy from matter

posted by Bruce A. Perreault on April 15th, 2004 According to the law of conservation, when we give to a material body a determined quantity of energy, this energy might be transformed, but the body will never give back a

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