New Energy Technologies, # 9

Some Experimental News, A.V. Frolov On the Possibility of Controlling of the Course of Time, V.P. Oleinik, Yu.C. Borimsky, Yu.D. Arepjev Spontaneous Polarization of some Glasses and Inexhaustible Energy Source of Direct Current, L.G. Sapogin, Yu.A. Ryabov New Fuelless Space

New Energy Technologies, # 8

Frolov’s Asymmetrical Capacitors Electrokinetic Apparatus by T.T.Brown Patent by T.T.Brown Nikola Tesla’s Later Energy Generation Designes, Oliver Nichelson Highly Efficiency Electrolysis, Alexander V. Frolov New Results of Development and Testing of Single-Wire Electric Power System, Prof. Dmitry S. Strebkov, Eng.

New Energy Technologies, # 7

Gravitonics is Electronics of the XXI Century , Spartak M. Poliakov, Oleg S. Poliakov Experimental Research on Gravitational Propulsion System. Review Beamship Technology: A Re-working of Early 20th century Discoveries, Russell Anderson Commercial Antigravity, Tim Ventura Action without Reaction. New

New Energy Technologies, # 6

Large-Scale Shakharov condition, David Noever and Christopher Bremner Matter as a resonance longitudinal wave process, Alexander Frolov Physical Principles of The Time Machine, Alexander Frolov Time Machine Project Kozyrev-Dirak radiation, Ivan M. Shakhparonov The Electrical Vortex Non-Solenoidal Fields, S. Alemanov

New Energy Technologies, # 5

Over-unity electromagnetic transformer. MEG by T.E.Bearden and F-machine, Alexander V. Frolov Fuel less energetics, N.E.Zaev. Symmetrization of Maxwell-Lorentz equations. Experimental methods to generate longitudinal waves in vacuum, Dr. Kirill P. Butusov Heat Vortex generators, Dr. Eugene Sorokodum. Experimental investigations based

New Energy Technologies, # 4

Tesla, “time control” and other aspects of Tesla’s research work, Prof. Velimir Abramovic, Rotterdam. Ball Lightning: description and experimental proposals, Ivan Tshinarev, Tver, Russia. On possibilities of vortex energetics. News about experiments by Acad. Gritskevitch O.V. and Lisniak S.A., Vladivostok,

New Energy Technologies, # 3

Time is a Mystery of the Universe, Dr. Lavrenty S. Shikhobalov, St.Petersburg, Russia Experiments with a man in the Time Machine. Dr. Vadim Chernobrov, Moscow, Russia Time is a physical substance, Dr. Kirill P. Butusov, St.Petersburg, Russia Experimenting with time,

New Energy Technologies, # 23

A role of alternative energy in the development of Russia The invention of the atomic hydrogen furnace, W. R. Lyne, USA Vortex tubes in the innovation process, A. I. Azarov, Russia Artificial tornado, A. I. Azarov, Russia Vortex fuel less

New Energy Technologies, # 22

Excessive energy in molecular reactions, A. Sterling, A. Akau, USA News about Perendev Motor, A. Sterling, USA Gravity engine, A.N. Sakharov, Russia Paradoxes of gas structures, S. Geller, Russia Vortex liquid heaters, S. Geller, Russia The discoveries of John Keely,

New Energy Technologies, # 21

Brief review of energy machines-engines, Yu.S.Potapov, Russia Alt – Science in Russia, T. Ventura, USA Oil: How much is left? W. Zebuhr, USA Innovation company of “Nornikel” Review of companies producing and selling vortex heatgenerators (VHG), Helena Artemieva, Russia Phenomenon

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